Baleen's Debut EP, Deconditioning Agent, is out now!!!! / by Christopher Gregory

We're stoked to announce FMLV 002, Deconditioning Agent, the debut cassette EP by LA based prog/punk band Baleen.  6 tracks of noisy prog punk in under 20 minutes.  For fans of Lightning Bolt, Circle Jerks and Death From Above 1979.  Only $5!!!  

Order now or stream via Spotify  or Bandcamp.

FMLV002 -Limited run of 200 cassettes.  Each cassette comes with a digital download code of the entire EP.

1. Relay

2. Chickenshit Outfit (How Do I Get Outta This?)

3. Nurse Navigator

4. Nest of Vipers

5. Transcendental Dam

6. 8 Hour Turnaround

Recorded Fall 2015 at Golden Beat Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Engineered by Andrew Schubert.

Sean Gone - Bass, Vocals
Christopher Gregory - Drums