Labor & Lust available on green and orange Vinyl! / by Christopher Gregory

We have a few copies left of Labor & Lust on green and orange vinyl. #fyes

The Littlest Viking - Labor & Lust - Green/Orange Vinyl

Our debut full length LP, lovingly entitled "Labor & Lust" 10 songs. 37 minutes, 38 seconds. Recorded at Infrasonic Studios and C+C Music Factory by Dave Benitez and Pete Lyman from June '08 -January '09.

Green and Orange Vinyl

1.  Joe The Actor

2.  One Malt, Two Straws

3.  Robert Palmer Is Due For A Critical Re-Evaluation

4.  Theme From Magnum P.I.

5.  Lana Turner Blues

6.  I'm Queer For James Iha

7.  Dr. Patch Adams, You Saved My Life!

8.  Jock Jams Vol. 4

9.  The McRib Is Back

10.  Bob Golic '79

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