The Littlest Viking - Movie Music Vol. 3 - MP3


The Littlest Viking - Movie Music Vol. 3 - MP3



A collection of early TLV recordings, rarities, and demos. Includes the Mafia EP, the TLV EP (Banan-knife EP), 1st CD-R Demo, and the Split with Here Between You Me. Digital Version comes with 3 bonus tracks: Westlake demos recorded pre-Labor & Lust.

1 Hits
2 The Long One
3 Bears Live Underground and Drink Juice
4 One Malt. Two Straws. (EP Version)
5 Not the Theme from Magnum P.I. (EP Version)
6 B.D. Wong, It's Time to Make an Executive Decision
7 Bob Golic '79 (Demo Version)
8 D.J. (Early Version)
9 L.T. Blues (Demo Version)
10 D.J. (Split Version)
11 Make Me a Mixtape
12 Dr. Patch Adams, You Saved My Life! (Bonus Track) [Westlake Demo]
13 J.J.V.4. (Bonus Track) [Westlake Demo]
14 L.T. Blues (Bonus Track) [Westlake Demo]

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