The Littlest Viking - Feelings & Stuff


The Littlest Viking - Feelings & Stuff


The long awaited third album from The Littlest Viking. Twelve tracks of sweet riffage, ace drum licks, and fabulous crooning. Produced by the Littlest Viking and David Benitez.

Drums recorded at Singing Serpent in San Diego, CA by Ben Moore, everything else recorded at C&C Music Factory in Culver City, CA by David Benitez. Mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden, mixed by Chris Sanchez. Artwork by Meghan Boehman. Limited Edition, 330 copies on transparent gold vinyl.

FMLV 004

  1. White people... am I right!?!

  2. Straight people... am I right!?!

  3. Feelings & Stuff

  4. All our shows are secret shows

  5. Congratulations on your light lunch

  6. Baby boomers are the worst

  7. Sweet Cajon dude!

  8. Deathdrop for Jesus!

  9. Sparkly girl gang

  10. Kevin Sorbro (Doom metal realness)

  11. It’s Charlotte Russe, motherfucker!!

  12. Punchin’ butts & slappin’ sacks

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Check out the first song from Feelings & Stuff, White people… am I right!?!